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Western Digital capture scratch disk data recovery worldwide problem
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October 20, 2010, Mr. Li Tangshan Lenovo laptop forgot to turn off because of work, the results found work the next day when the computer crashes blue screen, restart can not enter the system. Kaka and the loud sound, then sent to vendor maintenance. However, after three days of anxious waiting, the end result is that disc manufacturers given the aging of scratch disk, data can not be restored. This message is for Mr. Lee that is fatal, because there are many years on the sales reports. In particular, soon to end, which is not a lot of accounts settlement, which the data related to the future fate of the entire company, if the data is lost then the consequences would be disastrous. The seriousness of the situation, Mr. Lee can not neglect the slightest. By making inquiries at a friend's introduction at last find the next in the Haidian District of Beijing Western Digital data recovery center. Secondary Data Recovery Western Digital data recovery in the center of Beijing, Mr. Li is responsible for meeting with engineers Fang Huang Temple. Fang Huang Temple engineers have many years experience in hard disk data recovery, before also done many of these similar cases. However, before the hard drive data recovery notebook manufacturers sector has been restored, and the plate body has been opened, the difficulty can be imagined. Huang workers took over the hard disk, hard disk first, some basic information about registration, learn more about the need to restore the data on the area where some of the data with the type of comprehensive assessment, and said that if the worst case results from 60 percent to -70 of the data, the message to come here especially for Lee much confidence. Huang workers wearing clean clothes, do some dust measures. Then enter the number of special opening Western Class 10, the high magnification imaging system through the observation of the disc, have been found around the middle of the disk scratch, other regions also. Based on years of experience in data recovery, combined with the recovery of the previous case, in which case the number of independent research and development through the West disk disk repair technology, or promising recovery from the data, the first time with Lee Huang workers to communicate the test results, anxiety, Mr. Lee heard the results finally saw a ray of hope. Followed by yellow special equipment and technical workers to repair the scratch area. Put on the whole a good head assembly, after the details of Positioning adjustments linked to the hard drive read the disk drive strong top. Intelligent machine to read the disk drive through the first part of the mirror is not scratched out, and then through the needle positioning technology, scratch the area directly to the serious correction of sectors read out. Finally, combined with years of experience in data recovery, hard drive sector re-writing analysis program, a few MB of files to a single sector through the program re-assembled into a complete hard disk sectors, reduction of 80 percent of the customer data. Lee has been waiting anxiously to see the data they are familiar with the report, tightly holding hands yellow workers, lamented that: "Your technique is really too much, your technology is definitely NO1"! Huang said that workers are modest, there is no technical side of things first, but some cases of contacts and more fills, experience with the technique naturally, the data recovery industry is not a crash course, but on many years of technical experience combined with a product.