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Darth AIX master server get data recovery problems
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Darth Technology IBM AIX JFS data recovery experts to provide emergency assistance 24 hours October 15, 2010, emergency data recovery center Darth Advice Centre (4007000017) from Shanghai Jiandalande company received calls, Zhao said the company's work is a used IBM 170 minicomputer, running Is IBM AIX4.3 operating system, file system is JFS. Minicomputer to save an important file system, Oracle database files are not on the mount suddenly, under the guidance of the IBM engineers, ran fsck command, the results Still can not mount on. At first, Zhao workers in Shanghai, the local consulting several professional data recovery company, and ultimately chose a well known chain of comparative data recovery company, but unfortunately, after 7 days of anxiously waiting to get The result was not restored. After the server data recovery center with Darth expert in-depth communication, Zhao workers in Shanghai this your data recovery company to help make the entire disk image, through the SF Express to Darth data recovery Heart Beijing headquarters. Darth Technology IBM AIX JFS/JFS2 file system technology is a powerful data recovery Darth data recovery technology AIX technical team to immediately analyze the hard drive and found that JFS file system is more serious head injury, the root directory structure as well as some damage. Darth IBM AIX proprietary technology JFS/JFS2 file system data recovery software D-Recovery for AIX JFS Although not officially released, but the core technology has been mastered, and has been accumulated in the form of a debugger for many years. The on Jiandalande Case for data recovery operations, and there is not much resistance. After IBM AIX JFS file system on the core parameters of the reconstruction algorithm with Darth patented technology, the head of the JFS file system directory structure and more Results Structure reconstruction. However, the head of the file system has 260MB of data is completely destroyed, so there are two files can not be normal, but fortunately these two files is not particularly important. Eventually, Darth IBM AIX JFS File system data recovery specialist team successfully recovered more than 90% of the major Oracle database files. For the recovery data security considerations, Darth Technology decided to send IBM AIX JFS file system data recovery experts arrived in Shanghai, to provide on-site data validation. Jiandalande business located in Shanghai Pudong City Road, Darth technology data recovery experts in the field with the Oracle database engineer with the final completion of the excellent data recovery tasks. Science and Technology Data Recovery Darth true experts! Your wise choice! Darth technology is a truly master the core technology of the leading data recovery companies, data recovery, research results are as follows: D-Recovery Standard Darth data recovery software, Standard Edition (for desktop PC data recovery, has been released) D-Recovery For MS SQL Server Darth SQL database repair software (SQL database repair, has been released) D-Recovery For exFAT Darth exFAT data recovery software (exFAT file system data recovery, has been released) Darth D-Recovery For Linux Linux Data Recovery software (support ext2/ext3/ext4 file system, has been released) D-Recovery For Mac Darth Apple Mac data recovery software (for Apple computers, has been released) D-Recovery Enterprise Darth data recovery software, Enterprise Edition (supports NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4 other file system, to release) D-Recovery for RAID Darth intelligent RAID Data Recovery software (stress test, forthcoming) D-Recovery For AIX JFS2 Darth AIX JFS2 data recovery software (custom publishing) Darth D-Recovery For UFS UFS Data Recovery Software (custom publishing) Darth D-Recovery For ReiserFS ReiserFS Data Recovery software (custom publishing) D-Recovery For XFS Darth XFS file system data recovery software (custom publishing) Darth D-Recovery For Vmware Vmware virtual machine data recovery software (custom publishing) and so on.