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Data recovery training session in 2010 Guangzhou Station Closes
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May 12, 2010, "2010 national tour of the efficiency of the source data recovery training will be" standing on the first stop in Guangzhou Han Feng International Hotel Guangzhou come to an end, from Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhaoqing, Foshan, Zhuzhou, Yueyang, etc. Data Recovery data recovery industry elite gathered together to participate in the data recovery training session on the latest data recovery techniques and tools to learn the system and in-depth discussion. As the recent thunderstorms and heavy rain in Guangzhou, resulting in more sections were blocked, Guangzhou travel around the city were blocked by many participants, the organizers may not be the honored guests was expected to more than fifty people, and said that no matter how many guests will in a responsible attitude held as scheduled data recovery training. But bad weather did not dampen the enthusiasm of all participants to learn, and many guests came the rain. According to statistics, data recovery training in Guangzhou this to be the actual number will be nearly a hundred people, far more than organizers expected, and this also shows that Guangzhou counterparts on this data recovery data recovery training will be unusual degree of attention. It is understood that the data recovery training session in Guangzhou is divided into three, the whole efficiency of the source from the vice president of data recovery engineer Zhang Bin was the keynote speaker for how to improve the success rate of data recovery and data recovery techniques in recent years to explore the development direction exchange, while the efficiency of the source of the latest hard disk data recovery tool data ark, data backup and Data Copy King destruction of tools and data recovery flash data recovery master Flash careful explanations, and data recovery encountered in the detailed analysis of typical cases . It is reported that this data recovery training, the participants will be in addition to traditional data recovery engineers, but also including the enterprises of information security professionals, government agencies and the judicial forensic data recovery technician training schools and other relevant person in charge. Many participants have said that the efficiency of the source each year by participating in organized tours throughout the country, data recovery training will not only be useful to know a lot of cutting-edge data recovery technology and data recovery device information, data recovery technicians to help solve the encountered data recovery problems, more communication between peer data recovery provides a good platform for business development, create competitive differentiation and advantage to help. Participate in the efficiency of the source data recovery training in 2010 and will reach Sheng Hunan Yueyang computer technology chief engineer, said: "In view of this relatively limited data recovery circles, so that data recovery will bring a lot of training leading data recovery techniques and broaden our horizons. At the same time, this data recovery training, we will also exchange between peers in the region provided a good platform for launching future useful data recovery services. " Network monitoring technology from Guangzhou engineers said, "to attend the Guangzhou will gain quite a lot of data recovery training, cyber crime in the current form of diversification, a large complex environment, the fight against cyber crime is facing a severe test. The future will strengthen and efficiency of the source of such international cooperation leading information security companies, with powerful data recovery efficient source of technical strength, a strong fight against cybercrime. " Data recovery training session in Guangzhou, the site of the Guangzhou Institute of Railway Technology, Guangzhou, training schools, training and public education and training institutions are more directly responsible for the expression of co-operation with the strong intention of the efficiency of the source. He said the training school is the cradle of data recovery engineers, only with sophisticated data recovery companies, the introduction of cutting-edge data recovery technology, to train professionals to meet market demand, and efficiency of the source of international data recovery data recovery technology leader in the field and professional data recovery equipment, it is indispensable in the school. From Shenzhen, Yueyang, etc. In addition to data recovery service providers expressed a strong intention to join, but also have invited the efficiency of the source to their host cities to host such a large data recovery training sessions. It is understood that data recovery training session in Guangzhou is the second "2010 national tour of the efficiency of the source data recovery training will be" the first stop, next stop will be held in Nanning data recovery training is also officially kicked off May 15, while the next two month, the source efficiency will in Kunming, Shenyang, Beijing, Taiyuan, Zhengzhou, Xi'an, Wuhan, Hefei, Suzhou, Wenzhou, Xiamen, and held many professional data recovery training session, the current application has been hot start, interested in participating in local data personnel recovery training will pay close attention to the efficiency of the source can be the official website of the latest news, they can dial registration hotline 028-85211099 for consultation.