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Guangzhou housing data is really fighting the Housing Authority, said home pr
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Yesterday, the City Land and Housing Bureau is responsible for the purchase of that person after the introduction of Guangzhou, Guangzhou real estate market conditions accepted the newspaper reporters. 【Extended reading: Canton 1.5 million primary residential break a new record high average price】 Which is responsible for people that make the purchase of the introduction of Guangzhou, Guangzhou role in regulating the real estate market has been initially apparent. October 15, 2010, Guangzhou introduced the "Sales Order" series of real estate regulation and control measures. "Restriction order" issued 1 month, significant gains in market regulation, the initial momentum to curb housing prices, Oct. 10 District of Guangzhou Municipality signed first-hand residential aver age price of 13,256 yuan online, the chain went down 1%. Guangzhou "restriction order" issued as a cutoff point, in October, the second half of the performance of different property: the first half (1 October 2010 to 15, the same below), the primary residential area of Guangzhou Municipality signed 10-10249, signed area of 1,057,700 square meters, the average price of 13,150 yuan / square meter; second half (October 16, 2010 to 30, the same below), the primary residential area of Guangzhou Municipality signed 10 3166, signed an area of 339,500 square meters, average price of 12,581 yuan / square meter. "Restriction order" after the introduction of the second half compared with the first half, Transacted and area were reduced by 69.1% and 67.9%, contract price decreased by 4.3%. From the average daily turnover situation, the restriction that half of October after the introduction, the primary residential area of Guangzhou Municipality 10 211 day contract, the average daily contract area of 22,600 square meters; and 10 were reduced compared to first half of January 69.1% and 67.9%; and September, respectively, compared by 19% and 16% (September 2010 10 District, Guangzhou City, 261 signed first-hand residential units daily, average daily contract area of 26,900 square meters). From the "restriction order" before and after the introduction of daily turnover of the circumstances, date of release of the New Deal, as some buyers in time before the formal implementation of the New Deal contract, so the date of contract volume increased to 1748; from the first day of the formal implementation of the New Deal, contract volume decreased rapidly to 562, has been stagnant since the daily contract volume of about 200. New Deal after the introduction of a marked decline in trading volume, transaction prices have also declined. Overall, with the National Development 〔2010〕 10, the text, such as the Department of Housing and Urban ministries, "the five control measures" to implement, and control measures supporting the implementation of the city, the Guangzhou property market was cooling, the investment needs are inhibited speculative , the price has been significantly curb the rising trend. People on the network which is responsible for signing registration data and transaction data to clarify once again. He pointed out that online real estate transaction data is both signed by the council "sunshine house edge" web site in real time signed a "real estate sales contracts," the data, the data more timely and reflect the real estate transaction volume and price of the current situation. Transaction registration data is the real estate transaction sides in the city approved the registration department of real estate transactions, "real estate contract for the sale" transaction registration data. The data not only from the month of data online contract, but also on the Internet for months or even a few months before signing the data. Transactions such as 10 month registration data are likely to contract from 10 months of online data, but may come in September, August and even before the online subscription data. Therefore, the current online subscription data more representative of the turnover volume and price situation. Some media reported Oct. 10 District of Guangzhou Municipality first-hand residential transactions registered an average price of 15,072 yuan / square meters of data, that is, transaction registration data, this data does not accurately reflect the "restriction order" after the city's real estate market in general. Guangzhou, also does not reflect the current operational state of real estate. Primary residential transactions for October registered a larger increase in the average price up the situation, which is responsible for thought, mainly because of structural changes due to turnover. Six districts from the center (of Yuexiu, Haizhu, Liwan, Tianhe, Baiyun, Huangpu six districts, the same below) transaction point of view, this month, traded center of six districts accounted for 61.3%, up by 13.5% last October; which Tianhe District year by 8.25% last October. Variety of real estate transactions from the point of view, this month's Arc de Triomphe, Tianhe District, the New World (Forum Album Reviews Map Search Open House units) Square, Grand View Park (between the Forum Album Reviews Map Search type model) two high-end real estate projects focused on the transaction register to some extent to raise the city registered an average price of newly built commercial housing transactions levels; last year, a time when the city of light Hillview Terrace Dragon (Forum Album Reviews Map Search Open House units), the Bodhisattva Xinyuan (Forum Album type model Comments Map Search among) two projects focused on housing registration limit, to some extent pulled down the average price of the city registered the primary residential transactions. Bureau official said that compared with some cities, Guangzhou housing prices are rational, controllable. Guangzhou municipal government resolutely implement the central and provincial attitude of the real estate control policies are consistent; resolutely curb irrational housing consumption, curb housing prices, and earnestly work to speed up housing security measures are consistent; strictly Housing real estate market supervision, and promote the healthy development of the real estate market, long-term goal is consistent. Board official pointed out, comprehensive, timely and accurate real estate information is public duties and responsibilities of the Authority, in order to avoid misunderstanding of society, the Bureau is studying the real estate market to strengthen regulatory measures, the council will be signed up online in the future data as the real estate market in Guangzhou, authoritative data, in order to facilitate timely and correct the public's real-time dynamic control of the market.