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How does computer do without sound
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1, it is normal to check the equipment such as card, sound box to whether join, does icon of volume of left-hander task column look to whether click Cheng Jingyin? .
2, right attack " my computer "----"Attribute "---"Hardware "----"Equipment management implement " , open " sound, video and game controller " , look in front have yellow " ? " , have, the specification is short of sound to block drive, without, explain the sound inside machine blocks drive not to suit to use, the right card that strike tone, anthology " uninstall " , uninstall its.
3, if do not know sound blocks model, spread out " sound, video and game controller " , see lower level the sound that that string of character and number are you blocks model, or " begin " , " move " , input Dxdiag, open " DirectX diagnoses a tool " , sound- - search from inside the interface that open.
4, the drive CD that blocks this puts CD driver, right attack " sound, video and game controller " below? Order option, anthology " update driver " , open " hardware updates guide " , choose " be, only this "---"Next "---"Install software automatically " " next " , the system is searched automatically namely and the sound in installation CD blocks driver, if this CD did not suit the voice that you use to block drive, change a piece to try again, until finish.
5, if do not have comfortable made CD, can go to the home of drive, ZhongGuanCun the website such as online, Hua Jun downloads, download drive should treat type, 2 should see the system that suits you use, the 3 time that should see this drive software announce, newest may not suits to use, can download a few more, carrying make.
6, the drive software of download has automatic installation function commonly, after opening, click install automatically namely.
Cannot install automatically, after solution is pressed, reserve, should write down next this software to be in disk method, be like D: ... ... . Open " hardware updates guide " , take out " search portable medium " before tick off, tick off anthology " from list or show emplacement is installed "---"Next " , tick off anthology " this place includes in the search " , the way that leaving the sound that download fills in in pulling open list casing to block drive folder (be like D: ... ... )---"Next " , the sound in the system is searched automatically namely and installing you to appoint the position blocks driver.