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How does choice data restore a company
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One,   does not believe alleged and super big company, decorate gorgeous, as the hotel. This kind of company is to did other industry to accumulate fund actually, be scooped up especially with restoring an industry to be able to be scooped up greatly for data and turn come over. Data restores is one is given priority to with the technology, requirement from technology of staff of course of study adept, responsibility heart and patience pay equal attention to to just can make good trade, it is the industry by the technology, it is to see a person of an extremely urgency industry, either come with luxurious ostentation and extravagance " slaughter " big money, data restores is not to live more hotel, decorate pair of data inside your hard disk luxuriously to do not have any helps. Data restores a company to do not have the cent of very size, the ability that can solve a problem truly is big company. Remember having a client so say: "I do not like very the place of flowery, looking to know is not perform real deeds " . Some " big " the company has an opportunity to allege, such-and-such client sits in them capacious, inside luxurious company, much free from anxiety does not know in the heart. Actually, to average client, they do not understand, think face of guard the threshing floor, data is handed in in their hand very the feeling is very those who be at ease. Can be inside the current heart that makes data restore is very clear, they may hope hard disk is bemused possible, data restores should rely on true technology and true original story.

2,   does not believe alleged whole nation is interlinked, the branch spreads all over the whole nation " normal " company. Data restores a company unlike agree base or Mcdonald's suits to interlink, like wanting recipe and material only, the chips that eats in Beijing and any distinction can be done not have in what Chongqing eats. But, in Beijing headquarters very the data of " ox " restores a company, in Chongqing likelihood whats are. Still having is those become the company that does not rise in this locality, think of to look for " backer " . The fame that relies on big company will expand and pack his with respect to prep let alone. Actually, very big data restores a company, the backbone of truly perfectness technology, do not cross 1-2 individual, and, in home very outstanding, well known, give book end to write, seasoned data restores an expert, not be in these companies, and these companies also count the talented person that must go up without this kind. Of these countrywide chain companies is be enlightened is too ceaseless actually those who open a branch to enlarge his is famous degree, show have many from personal actual strength is abundant. And a lot of companies are main it is to rely on what local branch gives to join in cost gives with every months of head office alleged " promotion is expended " . They run mode commonly is each branches are sent immediately after absorbing the student that just graduates to try to groom but hold the post of data to restore an engineer. - -===- data restores to do not have crash class, not 3, the union of theory of 5 years and practice, be impossible to be competent. So, the branch leaves morer, the technology jumps over card of one cannot say for sure. Because of breakdown differ in thousands ways, what circumstance should undertake what is operated, ought not to undertake what is operated, it is the experience that need comparatives and overcautious ability finishs, one pace operates the likelihood error, with respect to the data with meeting valuable finish, must not give them to regard as them data the experiment is tasted. Besides, if the technical backbone of these companies leaves, the technical level that they leave cans be imagined more. Chinese computer data restores an engineer to come 7 years from course of study, on successful rehabilitate 10 thousand hard disk, restore 3-4 with one's own hands everyday data, and ceaseless all the time study, break through difficult problem ceaselessly, which kinds of circumstance should be handled, already via handy, the Chinese restores itself in this locality data is a brand. , still have the problem that is effectiveness for a given period of time, these branches can handle a few simple issues only, a little these can send a few more complex elephant open quotation only Beijing, time wants 10 come day, and cost is high. Same question, chinese computer needs to be less than 3 days only, fare is a lot of lower.
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