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The account that hard disk space loses suddenly
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One, soft breakdown has the following kinds of cases commonly:

1. virus is affected 2. By accident the format is changed 3 delete by accident 4. By accident divisional 5. By accident clone 6. Operate 7 hackers to inbreak by accident 8. Hard disk logic is locked up 9. Cut off the power when the operation 10, CIH virus destroys 11 0 track to damage 12, virus deletes a file or destroy a document. These issue performance come out to be commonly cannot guide, divisional and missing or cannot partition reads dish of mistake, the file cannot be found, cannot open, random code, , change without the format etc.

Can see from above, data loses majority is cannot visit place to require a file normally because of what the person is or cause accidentally, the principle that stores by data is knowable: Hard disk interior has the integrality that fair desired result formula will come to ensure data, the servo information of area of the content according to the data inside each fan area, fan, pass operation according to fair desired result formula again, can arise an only desired result and, this is worth each fan area is different. Same fan area stores different data when desired result value is admittedly different, different fan area stores same data also can arise different desired result and (SCSI hard disk is met in the mechanism of this respect more perfect) . Data restored to use such principle just about, carry converse operation, because the mistake is operated and the information in some respect loses the condition that perhaps is changed to fall, OK still the original message according to the others, be over data as far as possible soil preparation is reductive come out. For instance by accident cutout: The address that is a file only visits information erasure to be arranged afresh, but those who serve as a file advocate carry data still consist in is original the position. Because this adopts certain measure, data is affirmative OK and reductive those who come out, missing to afore-mentioned data, our company refreshment is led can achieve 99% above. (resumptive premise is hard disk can be operated normally, data was not enclothed (wait like low standard) , because restore difficulty not quite, charge is relatively so inferior, it is at present 200- - 1000 yuan.

The refreshment of the data after hard disk low standard:

After hard disk has made the low case of above, data restores to have certain difficulty, because of the file information that exists in hard disk right now already by true keep clear ofing.

2, hardware breakdown (hard disk cannot identify or parameter acknowledges a mistake or cannot operate)

Actually this kind of breakdown is hard disk maintain and not be the category that data restores, but the maintenance cost that is aimed at this kind of breakdown because of the elephant is too high, some has exceeded the value with real hard disk, do not have economic value at all as maintenance accordingly, and actually this is planted of hardware breakdown data restores difficulty opposite bigger, opposite to the requirement of equipment taller, tell from some kind of meaning so, the actual strength that this kind of data regains to just can reflect company data restore comes.
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