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Computer maintains little common sense
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1. Computer should put park inside neat room. Dirt can cause undesirable effect to all fittings of computer almost, shorten thereby its service life or influence its function.
2. Computer should be put inside capacious space, reservation wants to come loose all round hot space, not as sundry as other mix put.
3. All round computer forbidden magnetic field. Magnetic field will be right monitor, disk cause serious effect. Sound box does not want park monitor as far as possible around, do not put disk park sound box over.
4. Do not place a teacup on computer desk, more cannot its over park lead plane, monitor, clavier, once water is aspersed, sequential and serious.

5. Lead plane case is not moved when computer works or make its are shaken by concussion, will discuss this dispute to hard disk the movement of constant danger.
6. Hard disk is read dish when can not close suddenly machine or cut off the power. If voltage is flabby or often power cut, you can buy UPS to answer.
7. Below the circumstance with dry environment, ying Jin is prevented static the influence to computer fittings. Right now if you need to contact circuit board directly, discharge to oneself above all please (feel conduit to wait with the hand for example) or take other insulation step (be like: Wear ground connection glove) .
8. Do not want all sorts of pair of a replacement or interface is inserted below the condition that switch on the mobile phone unplug (supportive heat inserts the equipment except that unplug) , otherwise, may cause burn down relevant chip or circuit board serious consequence.
9. Should be opposite regularly interior of power source, CD driver, soft drive, box, monitor, clavier, mouse undertake removing dust. If disadvantageous proper motion is handled, can ask professional personage to finish. But you should know to there is high-pressured circuit inside monitor, cannot rude behavior.
10. Do not wait with alcohol or washing powder wipe video screen, if have need,you can use clear water, but clear water must adsorptive on paper towel or dishcloth, cannot take any a replacement in order to let clear flow in.
11. Do not want often switch chance, and switch machine answer every time removed and a short while time.
12. Electric system cannot wait with interfuse screw inside box, cause the board card short circuit inside box extremely easily otherwise, produce serious consequence.
13. Should appropriate keeps the drive CD of all sorts of board card and peripheral reachs computer manual, especially advocate board manual.
14. Do not use CD driver for long continuously, if hear a song, see disc wait. You can wait for song dish, disc beat to be admired to hard disk.
15. Computer falls in the case that did not use for long, suggest you open accident to go regularly, so that drive the humidity inside its.