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The maintenance of the computer common sense
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All of computer science department is safeguarded
One, the choice of the operating system
At present commonly used operating system basically includes Windows 98, windows2000 Pro, windows 2000 Server, windows XP, windows 2003 5 kinds of operating systems. Need installs what kind of operating system, want to need according to oneself job not only, also want to be decided according to the actual configuration circumstance of the computer.
If be the CPU of PII, so you can choose to if just undertake simple word processing,install Windows 98; only, browse and collect of the information on the net, that installation Windows Pro or Windows XP suits quite. If want to use a few services that provide in Windows operating system, be like IIS, FTP, media Server, DHCP, road by wait, that recommends installation Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2003 is more appropriate.
Still have even if should choose original software as far as possible, for instance if the Windows XP of installation is pilfer edition, will not undertake upgrading to the website of Microsoft so.
2, the partition of hard disk
If hard disk is divisional unreasonable, can affect the normal play of computer function greatly so, for example:  of small town  " son Yao resides ability charcoal to if all documentation maintain existence system,occupy? of bank of ㄐ of  of wood of Ru Hui astounded dish, so when reinstalling a system, original documentation is lost very easily.
Use computer resource for sufficient interest, want to undertake to hard disk reasonable partition and function differentiate, hard disk builds 3 logistic driver at least, namely commonly used C dish, d dish, e dish, among them C dish the capacity is 10G size, use only deposit an operating system, general application software, be like Office series, translation software, the proposal such as reader is deposited in D dish, , e dish the data that carries with the documentation data that will deposit oneself and net fluctuation. Can go to the lavatory to manage oneself material safely so, accomplish precautions averts perils.
If you are used Windows 2000/XP/2003, the proposal uses form of NTFS file system, it can be more sufficient use disk space effectively, supportive file class is compressed, have better file security. Want to change NTFS from FAT16/FAT32, need to be keyed in below clew accord with only: C: &Dish of symbol that Gt;convert needs to change / Fs:nTfs. For example systematic E dish it is FAT16/32 so, need changeover is NTFS now, need to use following orders:
C:≫convert E: / Fs:nTfs.
3, software installs the principle that upholds with the system
To average user, want to noticing the following principle only, can make oneself system is in so fast, stable, safe condition
Notice oneself firewall, prevent virus software to be in regular job status. Prevent virus newlier in time, firewall database (every week at least 1-2 second) ;
The crucial patch that makes a system in time (every week at least 1-2 second) ;
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