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The desktop disappeared how to do
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"Indication desktop " icon is a very main function in our use, can use him when we open many process and wanting to return a desktop, click " indication desktop " icon can return a desktop quickly, very convenience. But appear not carefully occasionally error and make show desktop icon disappears then, you can do with the means below calm:
In Windows operating system, task column (start column quickly) the real position of medium indication desktop icon is " C:WindowsSystem shows desktop.scf " . Be being started quickly is be in through putting " C:WindowsApplication DataMicrosoftInternet ExplorerQuick Launch shows desktop.scf " of implementation. Should show desktop icon by by accident when cutout needs to restore this icon, can be in " C:.scf of indication desktop of WindowsApplication DataMicrosoftInternet ExplorerQuick Launch " build " indication desktop.scf " file. OK also from " C:.scf of WindowsSystem indication desktop " find it, duplicate folder " C:WindowsApplication DataMicrosoftInternet ExplorerQuick Launch " medium or found quick way to procrastinate directly drag to task column in can.

The comparison that tells above is difficult, more convenient operation is: The text editor such as use notebook, the content below new in order to builds file of.scf of an indication desktop. Content is as follows:
IconFile=explorer.exe, 3

When saving, establish file name for " indication desktop.scf " , pull its to start column to go up quickly again, indication desktop icon searchs.

Of the 3rd delegate is the position of icon, the number " 3 " change " 4 " , refresh, icon can change; Change again " 5 " , become another. The method that changes indication desktop icon is such. Actually, should be in only " IconFile= " hind the method that inputs the icon with your favorite place is OK.