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Screen shakes is what reason
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The examination is, act on first software, hind the principle of hardware, careful platoon investigates a matter. Notice even additionally whether the interference of the outside, for instance microwave oven ah of and so on from too close ^^^^

Be like next likelihoods:
One, setting of indication refresh rate is incorrect
If be refresh rate the setting is too low, can bring about screen to shake, checking a method is the blank area that clicks systematic desktop with mouse right key, click from inside playing the right key menu that go out " attribute " command, the property that enters monitor installs the window. In clicking this window " install " label, click in flipping the corresponding label page that give ever since " advanced " pushbutton, the advanced property that opens monitor installs an interface, click again among them " monitor " label, the setting is the refresh frequency that can see monitor from which " 60 " , this causes the cause that video screen shakes ceaselessly just about. new frequency the setting is " 75 " above, click again decide it is OK to return a desktop.
Actually video screen shakes the refresh frequency setting that the mainest reason is monitor causes under 75Hz, right now screen regular meeting appears shake, aglimmer phenomenon, we need to increase refresh rate to 75Hz above only, so the phenomenon that screen shakes won't reappear.

2, the driver that show clip is incorrect
Sometimes when we enter the monitor refresh frequency of computer, discover without refresh frequency can offer an alternative however, as a result of,this is before incorrect or the driver that shows clip is too old those who cause. Buy time prior computer to appear easily this problem, do not want the drive in CD matching when reuse buys computer right now, can download correspondence to show the latest edition driver of card to the net, open next " system " attribute window, click " hardware " in the window " equipment management implement " pushbutton, enter equipment list interface of the system. With the mouse right key clicks the indication in this interface to block option, click from inside playing the right key menu that go out " attribute " command, in playing the property showing clip that give to install the window next, click " driver " label, click in corresponding label page again " update driver " pushbutton, according to guide clew will show calorie of driver to replace newest edition stage by stage after, started interconnected system of computer science department afresh finally, if drive installation is appropriate, with respect to options of frequency of refresh of meeting occurrence monitor, set refresh rate 75Hz above again can.
3, magnetic field interference causes monitor to shake
Monitor gets very easily the interference of strong electric field or strong magnetic field, if use above two kinds of methods of the introduction are insoluble still shake problem, should suspecting screen shakes so is caused by the magnetic field near monitor or electric field. To remove all interference all round monitor clean, can move the computer to Zhang Sizhou's empty one table, undertake switching on the mobile phone checking next, if screen shakes the phenomenon disappears, so the place that explains your computer is original has strong electric field or strong magnetic field is disturbed, ask will doubtful thing (cup of the bass artillery piece that is like sound box, magnetization) from computer around expert. Put out monitor next again reopen a few, in order to achieve the goal of degauss (present monitor all has) of automatic degauss function when open.
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