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Important file wants to smash or be deleted
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Important and confidential documentation, deleted absolute safety thoroughly? After we install the certain software that reduce toxin, connect regular meeting to appear in mouse right key one similar " the file smashs " option, is it deleted with our common file what is distinguished? How to rise " smash " the action of the file?

Each has his strong point

"Delete a file " and " smash file " distinction and action

Delete with smash what use do each have? When should delete? When should smash? In short, use after deleting a file, discover when us by accident cutout is important after data, can restore its with some kind of method, and smash the file has not recoverable sex, it keeps clear of file data from inside hard disk partition thoroughly, use common method to will not restore, if for instance the file of a few special privacy does not hope to be restored by others (lend others U for instance dish after copying a thing) , can adopt " the file smashs " method general file " the destroy the evidence that destroy dead body " .

Search a root to ask low

"Delete a file " and " smash file " means and principle

The file is deleted

Windows deletes a file to have two kinds:

One kind is common delete, namely after file of our pitch on, press clavier Delete pushbutton perhaps chooses in mouse right key " delete " option. Common delete just put the document reclaim station, any files that are deleted are reclaiming undertake resumptive in the station, be equivalent to by accident you also have after cutout file " regret medicine " eat;

Another kind is to be deleted thoroughly, after choosing a file namely, press Shift Delete bolts, the file that is deleted will not move to reclaim to stand and be deleted from inside hard disk partition directly.

But no matter be common,delete file it may not be a bad idea, delete a file thoroughly, if we are done not have,make to hard disk partition again after deleting a file read the word that writes an operation, file data information still " withhold " in division of hard disk data. Because this passes certain hard disk to manage a tool or data restores software (for instance EasyRecovery) , the file that is deleted thoroughly is restored very easily still to come over.

The file smashs

Just as its name implies, the file that gets on the computer namely is deleted thoroughly, do not leave a mark. Use a few files to smash tool, can accomplish this.

The file smashs and deleting a file directly is different, this wants the file system from Windows for. Windows file system includes the FAT system such as FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS file system. In FAT file system, if found a file, need is on disk open up " distribute a list " , the booklist that resembles the library is same. This watch comprises an index, point to the address of the content of the file. Be in what the address that point to has a file to read by the system next write. In the meantime, if other file wants the word that found, be prohibited pointing to this address, in case the file is unbalanced. And what the operating system deletes a file to go to the lavatory is much: Direct " booklist " destroy by melting or burning is OK. "Booklist " the address that point to is considered as empty. The data in the computer is comprised by the binary system, show on disk for " sunken " and " protruding " . Because the system cannot forecast the file that will stock detailed information, accordingly, file content can consider as random. By mathematical knowledge knowable, in disk " 0 " and " 1 " do not have the influence in career respect to keeping information afresh.
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