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Computer shuts automatically machine how to do
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1. Virus
"Bow wave " when virus breaks out, still can hint systematic general is started automatically after 60 seconds.
Trojan program restricts all activities of your computer from remote programmed control, the computer that includes to let you is started afresh.
Cleared virus, trojan, or reshipment system.
2. Systematic file damages
Systematic file is destroyed, be like the KERNEL32.DLL below Win2K, the basic file when the system such as the font below Win98 FONTS catalog moves is destroyed, because this cannot finish initialization and the meeting when the system is being started forces to be started afresh.
Means of settlement: Cover installation or reinstall.
3. Time software or plan task software are effective
If you are in " plan task column " in installed be started afresh or to load is certain when working program, when time hour comes, the computer also can be started again. To this kind of circumstance, we can be opened " start " , him unfamiliar is had to execute file or order of other and time job inside the examination, its machine of the reopen after screen is checked. Of course, we also can be in " move " inside direct input " Msconfig " the command chooses to start.

2, hardware respect

1. Output of inadequacy of power of box power source, dc is impure, dynamic unresponsive.
User or outfit aircraft business often ignored power source, use low-cost power source, it is one of the biggest suspicion that arouse a system to restart automatically accordingly.
① power source outputs power inadequacy, should run large 3D game to wait take up when the software with CPU greater natural resources, when CPU needs high-power power supply, power source power is insufficient and overload causes power source protection, stop to output. After power source stops to output, load is reduced, right now power source is started again. Because protect / resumptive time is very short, the performance that gives us so is lead plane restarts automatically.

Output of dc of ② power source is impure, power supply of pure dc of digital circuit requirement, content of the harmonic in be being outputted when the dc of power source is too big, can bring about digital circuit job to make mistake, expression is regular dead machine or restart.

The working load of ③ CPU is dynamic, also be dynamic to voltaic requirement, and rate of demand trends response is rapid. The power source trends with some poor quality reacts time grows, also can bring about regular dead machine or restart.

④ replaces facility (high end shows clip / old hard disk / video gets stuck) , add equipment (quarter collection machine / hard disk) hind, power exceeds the rated output power of first wife power source, can bring about regular dead machine or restart.
Means of settlement: Change power source of computer of high quality high-power now.

2. Attaint of undesirable, chip perhaps installs memory thermal stability mistake
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