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The system breaks down how to solve
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The problem that the system breaks down can be encountered when a lot of friends use computer, likelihood a lot of people to computer system not be very familiar, if you were encountered unfortunately, so below instruct you a few court, if encounter,know how to should do:

1. The configuration with right last time


The driver of a lot of system breakdown and hardware is concerned, sometimes the drive of a new version looks be like can improve performance, but systematic compatibility problem is created likely instead when the system that installs you actually is medium, the case that after replacing drive, the system cannot enter Windows normally is very common. "The configuration with right last time " be this kind of circumstance to design only namely, when you cause a system to cannot be started normally because of new clothes drive or systematic configuration, be started afresh and F8 is pressed in this process, be in " the senior options that start " the choice in menu " the configuration with right last time " , the system can be used in the enrollment of the backup below whack to express data to restore a system, can enter a system commonly.

2. Repair system file


Restore configuration can repair registers the data in the watch, if be attaint of systematic file itself, that uses other method with respect to need. Systematic file attaint can cause a system to be not stabilized, serious can cause even cannot start normally, accurate method is to use a system to command SFC to undertake scanning to systematic file, if send existing file to be destroyed, can ask to insert installation CD and restore original document. Click " begin → to move " , key in in moving casing " Sfc /scannow " can begin to check after carriage return, after finishing, restart. If the system in installation CD is older, so the proposal uses the CD that has hit a patch to have repair, lest the file is restored,become old version.

3. Change user

Medium enrollment expresses the system to basically include systematic branch and user branch two parts, the systematic environment that some users use to oneself undertook configuration, cause all sorts of strange breakdown appear after loginning. Fasten urgent reshipment system, this kind of circumstance can be changed completely " waists-coat " continue to come on stage. Change log onto a system with administrator account, be in next " account of user of Control Panel → " in establish a new administrator account, login with this account next can. Those who need an attention is, of former user " my documentation " number of a few illicit occupies etc to be in the catalog of original account, after can back up beforehand or loginning with new account, open " C: WindowsDocuments And Settings[Username] " .

4. Restore DLL to register condition



There is file of a lot of DLL in the system, they are divided actually it is two kinds big, the standard DLL document that need not register and the ActiveX DLL document that need to register, latter keeps a few relevant data in registering a watch, once these data are destroyed or exist far from, the mistake can happen when calling these DLL so. Have the DLL document that this kinds of a lot of need register and systematic function be closely bound up, when function of a certain system gives an issue, you how can accurate find out the DLL that causes a trouble to register it afresh? Better method is all register afresh... open " notebook " input the following code and save for Regdll.bat, it is carried out after finishing and start afresh.
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