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How to protect hard disk data
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At present the extensive systematic safety on the market asks to have backup mechanism. In view of the operating system that popularity uses now -- the instability that manages to the file like WINDOWS operating system, requirement system provides safe backup, and rapid, convenient, safe refreshment function. The bitter fleabane break out of network technology is exhibited, the life that changed people increasingly deeply, job, recreation and communication means, but the security that also gives a network the system at the same time, dependability posed grim challenge, the user that gets online to using PC in great quantities especially, suffer the assault that virus, hacker waits for very easily, disastrous. Because this is right the backup demand of hard disk is increasingly pressing.

Back up and restore of systematic file to have a lot of kinds of plan, divide roughly kind: The first kind is the system whole partition or file of whole hard disk reduce file of image of a backup, when systematic file is destroyed, return original document system from inside backup image file, but the safety of image file itself cannot be ensured; The 2nd kind uses hardware system to back up redundantly, dependability of this kind of method, instant sex better, but cost is high. Be in commonly the server is used on a kind product, many average user cannot be used, and hardware utilization rate is not high also; The 3rd kind is interpose the compromise proposal between two kinds of afore-mentioned methods, cannot be mixed to use the area that the system visits by the operating system together in the open up in existing periphery memory namely, in order to achieve the goal of safety of protective image file. Also had taken labyrinthian way in the development process of the 3rd kind of technology. The past because technical limitation, once had used the method that adds circuit of one part hardware to dominate groove guard region, but because raised hardware cost,be hard to safeguard at the same time, the user is used also the reason such as inconvenience is popularized hard.

For example, associated 1999 the time Si Dun that QDI rolls out (RecoveryEasy) 1 version of technical, use the method of software completely, in the open up in existing hard disk space partition of a mirror deposits image file, this partition cannot be visited by the operating system through special processing. But the inadequacy that this kind of method has compatibility and speed of use inconvenience, copy to wait for a respect slow. It is certain and divisional software above all (for instance FDISK) cannot use, still can appear not to support certain operating system next, the space has the appearance such as waste, accordingly very difficult consummate becomes independent module, affected the promotion of this technology and development.

And the RecoveryEasy that rolls out now (V2.0) acceded completely the good point that past technology grows, and slam the door all defect with technical medium in the past application. It uses the character of existing ATA5 hard disk, in backup divisional security aspect strode crucial one step. Compare with 1 version photograph, upgrade this technology of edition from implementation speed of mechanism, backup, convenient use a sex easily, went up to have complete change with compatibility. It is the mechanism that conceals safe data above all, use keep secret extremely and safe hard disk ground floor is characteristic, backup rate is very rapid, do not plant to dichotomy can restore to end, and convenient and practical, compatible and current all operating systems, completely nonexistent the compatibility problem with divisional software.
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