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Malic product sell like hot cakes attracts a hacker to launch more and baleful a
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The Mac OS X of computer operating system of malic company is more at present safer than Windows operating system, but from will for a long time tell is not safer than Windows certainly. Safe expert says, as malic company all over the world the growth of the market share inside limits, the product of malic company can find the way that enters more business environment, aggressor is met for certain as this one trend, in the light of the software flaw of malic company innovation goes manier virus.

Analyse the research of company Gartner according to the industry, malic company is in the computer that put on sale of the fourth quarter gave to exceed operating system of MacOS X of 1 million installation 2007, than 2006 the fourth quarter grew 227, 000. Analytic company report says, malic company hops than 2006 in the American market share 2007 increased 28 percent, rise to the market share of more than 6% .

According to the CEO Steve Jobs of malic company the Mac world exposition last week is mixed the statement on colloquium, since beginning to distribute these products from last year, malic company has sold gave mobile phone of 1 million 4 IPhone and operating system of 1 million 5 Leopard (the copy of Mac OS X 10.5) , leopard is malic company's newest operating system, it seems that the foreground of malic company wants than any moment more powerful.

However, baleful software investigator people with industry analyst people the warning says, be in as the terminal unit of malic company the addition of the use amount inside global limits, safe problem also will pester the product in them to go up.

“ should get market share is very difficult. To finally, the person that baleful software is written people what do not care about you to use is what operating system; What what they pay close attention to is, whether valuable data hides in your machine, have an opportunity to use these data with them, ”the safety of Avert lab group of McAfee company considers to be in charge of David Marcus to say.

The Windows operating system of “ Microsoft all the time since be stared at closely by the hacker do not abandon, because it compares the scope of application of Mac OS operating system to want capacious much, he says ” , “ but present trend saw like the person that baleful software is written and other everybody, they know more and more person apt use the product of Apple company now, including governmental institute and commercial company is such; If can find a few opportunities to get commercial benefit from inside this tide, they just can go ahead this forward. ”

The flaw of Mac operating system

Express according to the researcher, below a few circumstances, aggressor can search an opportunity to exploit the loophole in software, the multimedia player of the malic company that has not install a patch at present for instance uses the software loophole of program QuickTime. Be in a few otherer below the circumstance, the person that baleful software is written more it is to use social project attack to make menace, use the MacSweeper Rougue Cleanup Tool that appears on Mac world exposition to clear for instance tool software.
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