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Network safety needs suit the remedy to the case to set safe defense line to one
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[Sai Di net - IT technology reports] the hacker is so rampant, what kind of significant step should adopt to come to those who prevent a hacker inbreak? Common saying says: Mend the fold after a sheep is lost, when be not late. Human society always is forward in the constant struggle of evil force progress, evil spirit is high one feet, the road is high one a unit of length, always what method prevents a hacker effectively inbreak, of the interconnected system of computer science department that has protected oneself.

The enterprise should build his computer security system, also answer to choose safe level according to the actual condition of own unit, choose corresponding soft hardware establishment and capital investment. To building the user of enterprise interior network, how many what develop portfolio on Internet according to its, divide kind of circumstance to define.

One, did not join Internet

This kind of unit needs to build system of security of simple computer network only, basically include the following:

1. picks good system manager. This is last defense line, if systematic manager also became a hacker, that loss is inevitable.

2. is due to systematic manager on the system restrict, in order to eliminate safe hidden danger. Limit the operation limits of authority of the administrator for instance, undertake monitoring wait to the action of the administrator.

3. operates personnel to must make clear specific limits of authority to the computer, the password of everybody should undertake fixed or nonsked modification, countersign had better mix composition by number and letter, use the character length of enough regulation as far as possible.

4. prevents virus to inbreak system. Rigid limitation is ab extra dish piece use, should product of security of computer of stock classics country detects the center detects kill virus software eligibly, discover doubtful circumstance is checked in time kill virus.

5. strengthens computer room management, the member that confine outside person strictly enters a computer room to use the computer.

2, now and then use Internet

The characteristic of this kind of unit is: Need to consult everyday the information of a few fixed sites, be like newspapers and periodicals, stock prices and the relevant site of this industry. These units besides should accomplish afore-mentioned asked at 5 o'clock beyond, still should take following step:

1. builds acting server, be in charge of timing by person specially assigned for a task everyday the information that receives these fixed sites, receive end to disconnect with internet instantly. When undertaking reception, acting server had better break away from enterprise interior net.

2. is in enterprise interior net, especially on the server, the operating system software that should use tall version as far as possible is like UNIX Open Server 5.0.4, windows NT 4.0. To the safety of the operating system level should use the superlative degree that systematic software can offer.
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