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Check kill virus virus of accurate method mail inbreaks post-cleaning measure
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[Sai Di net - IT technology reports] the mail that opened poison of in spite of illness not bit more carefully, when be when discovery late already. How to do? I think great master what think of for a short while is to use the software that reduce toxin to check certainly kill. Right, had virus to be about to check kill. Normal human feelings! But, everybody however oversight a few very important step. The editor introduces the cleared measure after mail virus inbreaks below.

One, disconnect network

After encountering when you virus inbreaks unfortunately, a thing that make a prompt decision disconnects namely your network join, with preventing virus diffuse further.

2, file backup

Delete the post that takes poison namely next, run the software that reduce toxin to undertake keeping clear of again, but kill poisonous software manslaughter to prevent or be the documentation that deletes you to had been not handled and important postal matter, you should transfer them backup to arrive above all other store the file of name of a little long file on media and unsettled mail requirement back up below Windows, suggest you do not exit Windows first so, because once virus breaks out, perhaps cannot enter Windows. No matter whether these files take poison, you should back up, because some virus are designed technically in the light of a certain software that reduce toxin, move to be able to destroy other documents, backing up first so is the measure that be ready for any eventuality. Wait for you to keep clear of after the virus inside hard disk, will parse the document that handles these additional backup slowly again relatively appropriate. Also want to do backup to your important file additionally, had better be backup arrives on equipment of other and mobile storage, be like USB dish, mobile hard disk, quarter collection dish etc, do not use this locality hard disk as far as possible, in order to ensure the safety of data.

If making GHOST backup at ordinary times, use image file to restore a system, also kept clear of even potential trojan program so, of course, this asks your GHOST backup is poisonous without disease.

3, have the aid of kills poisonous software

After doing the preparation in front to work, should shut machine of the restart after the computer at this moment, start with a piece of clean DOS next dish will lead a system. Additional, as a result of toxic hind, windows had been destroyed partial key file, operate illegally often, the software reducing toxin that so Windows plays may cannot move, the software reducing toxin that should prepare a DOS to fall so is ready for any eventuality.

Although those who run the software that reduce toxin can be in below Windows, the tool software that also uses two kinds of above as far as possible comes across clears. Below most circumstance Windows may want reshipment, because virus can be destroyed,drop one part file to let the system slows or appear frequent illegal operation. Because reduce stress of the side when poisonous software is being developed,the different, used engine that reduce toxin differs, all sorts of software that reduce toxin have his good qualities and fault, alternate use effect is idealer.
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