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Prevent inside net attack returns Internet a truly safe environment
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[Sai Di net - IT technology reports] since after having village broadband net, no matter the user inquires information or recreation are much more convenient, and ISP can offer firewall, such users were reduced with respect to big earth by the attack of exterior Internet, the joy that because this user can enjoy Internet place surely,brings. But those who be worth to be carried is, although exterior Internet attack was isolated, but the attack that comes from in-house network had be toed prevent. The news that the file of a lot of broadband network users is browsed by person ill will ever also reported on newspaper, because this is in-house,the attack of the network also cannot be ignored. Let us look above all below an example.

Fill in browser address column: Hunter/c(hunter thinks the name) of the network computer that browse for you, press carriage return bolts next, you discover with respect to can amazed ground:

Is this the other side (is computer name Hunter) computer C dish all content in? Retry to whether have read write attributive, the result can have in computer of the other side unexpectedly write attributive, is this why?

It is so such, the acquiesce of NT/2000/XP operating system of Microsoft installs every partition to share, and all members that this shares the operation user that is acquiesce is Administrators group, meaning that is to say, if you are the member of Administrators group or the limits of authority that have Administrators,you can handle the document on this partition. This acquiesce of Microsoft is to convenient managing of long-range computer originally, but did not think of to bring safe hidden trouble to certain user.

Although want to the member of Administrators group just can is opposite,this partition undertakes operating, and it is to have Administrator and Guest only on system of most user NT/2000/XP two users (although Guest is open, but did not read write attributive) , where to have flaw? But some users showed flaw unluckily. When other user inputs Hunterc to attempt to login, it can hint you input a password (this password is) of code of name of administrator user Zhang. If some users are corrupt convenient, do not add administrator password, perhaps use again when loginning automatically (log onto the member that can make an Administrators group automatically, acquiescent password is empty) , let machine of the other side take advantage, input empty password to be able to enter your machine, right now all data in your computer are revealed do not have involuntary discharge of urine.

Anyhow, for the safety of the data on your machine, ask you to be sure to add a password for systematic manager, and should add the password that is guessed not easily to defeat, nurturance safety uses the convention of the computer.

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