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Early-warning of 4 days of virus: The download such as careful PE trojan impleme
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Early-warning of 4 days of virus: Careful “PE trojan downloads implement 102400” download program and “ hijacker download implement 397312” trojan downloads a program.

“PE trojan downloads implement 102400”(PE.ExplorerDL.c.102400) , this poison is a download that uses advanced language to write implement program. It can affect Explorer of systematic desktop file, make oneself can move accordingly when switch on the mobile phone rise. Download other trojan next.

“ hijacker downloads implement 397312”(win32.Troj.WeHit.397312) , this is download of a trojan implement program. The meeting after moving moves normally with respect to what destroy a few common software that reduce toxin, arrive next appoint an address to download other trojan to wait. It still can revise the acquiescent page of IE browser.

One, “PE trojan downloads implement 102400”(PE.ExplorerDL.c.102400) minatory level: ★

This download implement the kind that use infection other document or sends artificially travels. Enter user computer when it, and after be being activationed, can search Explorer.exe of systematic desktop file instantly, affect its. Start again when computer when, virus is met as Explorer.exe start be activationed, it releases normal file to carry out, carry out oneself file immediately afterwards.

The setting in virus must have timer, whether can its every other join with respect to the network address Http://i***e0***.com/p with examination accessary oneself for some time. If the network connects, virus downloads file of a list, in the basis the address in list downloads file of more other virus to be carried out. Classics poison bully oppose virus engineer examination, these virus are of all kinds net swims, net silver steals a trojan. If enter a system to move, cause the likelihood belongings loss to the user.

When moving end, virus makes Bat file, use it to delete oneself, destroy by melting or burning commits the crime evidence.

About the labor report of this virus, can be in golden hill virus consults in 100 divisions greatly Http://vi.duba.net/virus/pe-explorerdl-c-102400-50781.html

2, “ hijacker downloads implement 397312”(win32.Troj.WeHit.397312) minatory level: ★ ★

The vaulting horse that has antagonism to reduce poisonous software capacity recently downloads implement begin evidence of occurrence grow in quantity again. An early-warning the virus in sowing a newspaper is an antagonism download implement. A certain number of it and its mutation appear often in the network.

After virus enters computer, release file Ccwlae080420.exe, Ccwld32_080420.dll, Ccwld16_080420.dll to arrive in %WINDOWS%system32 catalog. If release a success, make file of a Ccwl16.ini below file %WINDOWS% catalog, and amid records pertinent information.

Virus uses image to hijack a technology, revise register a watch, make at present many common software reducing toxin on market breaks down, the Dll document that releases before to load, the acquiescent home page of modification IE browser, make when the user is starting IE, can be guided the website that appoints to virus author. In the meantime, virus establishs long-range link, download many pilfer date trojan.
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