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Make trouble of false IE virus clicks advertisement to still release tens of tro
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[Sai Di net - IT technology reports] this week (2008.4.21-4.27) has a virus particularly notable, it is: “VB trojan is clicked implement varietal ZXY(Trojan.Clicker.Win32.VB.zxy)” virus. This virus pretends IE browser icon, beguiling user is clicked move, backstage insanity clicks the network address that the hacker appoints, these network address are advertisement and commercial website for the most part, the hacker borrows this to get a large number of profit. At the same time virus can be released tens of pilfer date trojan, virus, bring very big safe risk to the user.

This week pays close attention to virus:

VB trojan is clicked implement ★ of ★ of ★ of varietal ZXY(Trojan.Clicker.Win32.VB.zxy) vigilant degree

This is written trojan clicks a VB language implement. It can pretend icon of an IE webpage, beguiling user is clicked move. Revise the webpage address that needs refresh IP flow through deploying a program, the network address that and backstage is clicked appoints, so as to gets a benefit, this virus contains apparent commercial character. Because virus is met,many different virus programs are released below systematic System32 catalog, can move to the hand cleared bring certain difficulty.

Expert proposal:

1, build good safe convention, do not open easily doubtful mail and wait for the document that transmits or network address through QQ, MSN. When getting the file that good friend hair comes to or network address, answer to ask opposite party first, after affirming, open again;

2, do not browse undesirable website, not optional download installs doubtful software;

3, the software reducing toxin that installs major upgrades to newest version, open mail and file monitoring program, prevent virus to wait for the computer that invades you through email, MSN and QQ.