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Prevent virus software technology to introduce active defence and heuristic redu
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[Sai Di net - IT technology reports] in 80 time evening, was born virus of the first computer. Next immediately turns over virus software with respect to the tool ─ ─ that had cleared virus. This one period, the technology that virus place uses is simpler, it is relatively easy to detect thereby, what use the most extensively is the method that diagnostic code matchs. Kill to avoid those who kill poisonous software to check however, virus began evolution, evolve gradually for metabolic form, every are affected, change to oneself form, pass pair of oneself be out of shape will avoid check kill.

Come so, same the varietal virus of kind of virus increases in great quantities, library of pure support virus and diagnostic code technology cannot have gotten used to the software that reduce toxin the network nowadays is safe. Then, appeared the concept that wide chart feature piles up, this technology is inside period of time, virus of certain to processing metabolic provided a kind of means, but also make rate of false alarm increases greatly, the technology that uses code of wide chart feature so also cannot is opposite effectively at present new virus and sealed virus undertake checking killing, so, show the software reducing toxin with various nowadays sort what to new technology and new feature get used to current virus to browbeat, be how come true?

Active defense technology

Because be based on what virus library scans traditionally to turn over virus software,be very passive, can be in only after new virus appears, ability has deal with measure, the virus that maker of a virus writes is being killed very likely user computer is entered before poisonous software firm is intercepted and capture and adding product virus library. Right now, as a result of the feature of this virus the code has not been added in library of virus of the software that reduce toxin, the software that reduce toxin can consider as virus normal file and let off, make user computer is affected by virus place. Accordingly, industry aux will be able to detects quite actively and the defence method with sealed and minatory intercept calls “ active defence ” .

The software that reduce toxin has lag sex, this is malpractice of a industry is established software that reduce toxin, and the settlement with active very good however defence this problem. Active defense technology basically is to be aimed at the virus that sealed virus puts forward to prevent kill a technology, below the circumstance that does not have virus example, undertake to virus comprehensive and effective defend in the round, prevent virus run, answer the indulge in wilful persecution of sealed virus effectively from technical level, it is to be in sealed virus and sealed program respect, through “ behavior judgement ” technology identifies the sealed virus that was not intercepted and capture for the most part and mutation. On the other hand, undertake monitoring through atttacking behavior to flaw, can prevent virus to use systematic flaw to have charge to other computer so, prevent the outbreak of virus thereby.
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