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24 days of early-warning: Careful " decelerate downloads implement "
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“ decelerate downloads implement 29760”(Win32.TrojDownloader.Firu.jz.29760) , this is download of a trojan implement. It can download a trojan to move in computer ceaselessly, cause systematic natural resources to decrease, affect computer traversal speed.

61440”(Win32.Troj.GameOnlineT.xx.61440) of the person that “ asks pilfer date, this is one is aimed at network game " ask " pilfer date implement. It is killed to disturb those who kill poisonous software to check, installed a lot of adding close.

One, “ decelerate downloads implement 29760”(Win32.TrojDownloader.Firu.jz.29760) minatory level: ★

This download implement after entering a system, the file that can judge oneself is complete, if complete, read take among them a file, obtain a few parameter of moving need. If unavailable these parameter, virus cannot move rise.

Virus adds user name close later establish mutually exclusive target as name of mutually exclusive object, the other duplication that avoids oneself enters computer to repeat, run an examination to whether Zone Labs firewall moves next, if have,shut its.

Next, the address that virus appoints by virus author with respect to join from Http://1*4.1*6.1*3.157/ping.php/%s/%d/%d, download other virus moves to this locality. These virus are pilfer date trojan for the most part. Because should download implement can carry out download hourly, the trojan that in creating computer, moves is increasing, cause systematic response to slow.

About the labor report of this virus, can be in Http://vi.duba.net/virus/win32-trojdownloader-firu-jz-29760-50827.html consults in 100 divisions greatly

2, minatory level of 61440”(Win32.Troj.GameOnlineT.xx.61440) of the person that “ asks pilfer date: ★

If do not have antagonism download implement help, pilfer date trojan wants to move smoothly in the computer of the user, have to oneself try to defy the software that reduce toxin. This in sowing a newspaper " ask " pilfer date trojan, have certain antagonism capacity.

Pattern of this poisonous pilfer order is mixed simplier set, file Hellodonk.exe and Hellodon.dll are released to arrive below %WINDOWS%system32 catalog after it enters a system, add oneself to again register a watch to start.

Next, virus builds his course, begin to search whether to put in “AskTao”(" ask " game) the window, if find, virus can end this window, if the player is inadvertent heavy, log onto the word of game again instantly, the trojan can seize the opportunity to record the account password that next players input.

Everything looks all behavior be clear at a glance, can be killed of course so poisonous software discovery. Then virus author was installed a lot of add complexly close, to a large number of oneself function, and the network address that delivers stolen goods undertakes adding close, nevertheless poison bully still can be checked thoroughly reduce this toxin.
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