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100 hackers contend for Iraqi network flaw to be atttacked
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100 hackers contend for Iraqi network flaw to atttack Maj. Ahmed Khathem, iraq is new the digital crime that hold water investigates ministry minister, in office of a borrowed, sit before borrowed desk, the notebook that using subordinate to borrow him began the work. This jotter is whole office exclusive a computer, this makes the number of this country is on guard force appears very flimsy. Have everyday by tens of thousands each systems that the hacker invades a government.   

Just join this Ali Hussein of secure panel to say last month, perhaps we have the whole world the strongest turn over hacker technology personnel, but we do not have computer, because this is opposite,current condition also is to be willing to help but unable to do so. What the government considers at present is gun, tank only, hacker to the government not be so pressing issue.   

Since the United States inbreaked 2003 after Iraq, the Internet user of this country is fulminic growth rises. Civil administration ministry does not have this country before 2003 a computer hooks up Internet, there had been 5000 now. But the grow in quantity that as governmental interior the computer uses, safe hidden trouble also was shown gradually come out.   

Because Internet just enters this country, the safe consciousness of the people and official is not intense. Major computer is bare chance, defend without any safety. All sorts of countries are confidential by the hacker optional filch. Horrible organization more regard one of money ways as this, through filch all sorts of secrets send ill-gotten wealth greatly.   

Be in not farther estimated below the circumstance, maj. Ahmed Khathem is right current this kind of circumstance can feel helpless only.